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Here to worship


your will to say

the colors of your eyes

the freedom of your faith

your tolerance for the diverse

the presence of your God

your openness to the unknown

the polyphony of our voices

and our limits


Here to worship …


the agreeable prayer

the offering candles

the cult of harmony

the rituals of joy

the non-violent believers

the priests of equality

their lessons without authority

and celebrations without celebrities

in the belief that does not impose


Here to worship …


the leveled altar

the multiple rosary

the cross of meeting

the bells of dance

the open mysteries

the chapels of peace

the religions without temple

the temples without arrogance

the places that invite

spaces of understanding

in the possibilities of the sacred


Here to worship …


the collective supper

the diving into wine

the intercontinental blood

and the bread of frugality

of the spiritual body

philosophy of health

amplitude of spirit

comfortable heart

in true sensations

omnipresent perfume

the multidirectional passion

the resistant nature

the generous city

the solidary country

the human beauty external and internal


Here to worship …


the sensitive brain

the productive affliction

the conscious delirium

the Instant poetry

the artistic trance

the curiosity of the soul

the eternal discovery

the creators of dialogues

architects of hope

smooth transcendence

mandala of enchantment

on the registered contemplation


Here to worship …


the lullaby choral

the psalm polyglot

the accessible chant

the inclusive mantra

the improvised prayer

the friend disciple

of the faithful in surprise

and gentle master

guru of good humor

monk in the crowd

wiseone in doubt

with humble wisdom

in voluntary initiation

writing the essential book


Here to worship…


the collective light

the sanctity of childhood

the constant baptism

the daily wedding

the human family

the saints’ neighbor

in the sensitive bath

of the reversible guilt

and the abolition of sin

in the generous forgiving

of the spontaneous penalty

of the quiet justice

and provisional death

of the life in each moment

in the unknown past

and in the future of now

on the inferiority of time


Here to worship …

Joao Diniz, in a Bulgarian road, May 2012