timeless chronology for Jorge dos Anjos, by João Diniz

timeless chronology for Jorge dos Anjos

by João Diniz

the slopes from Ouro Preto greatly contributed

to a culture of minerals, conspiracies and mists

in a geography of achievements, discoveries and inventions.

a new Brazil is recreated in its interior,

by hands of mud and dreams in the search of gold,

and turns its eyes to the red metallic ground

proposing new identities, heritages and doings.


this story is written by multiple skins and languages,

when the portuguese caravel, coast-bound, sees in the faraway mountains,

the human adventure of dreams and wishes is read

in a text of blood with steps of freedom and struggle.

a policy proposed in the mixing pot of diverse races,

the national mosaic from an utopian and impossible certainty.


the boy steps the stone street aware of towers and mountains,

his eye on the ground and skies, sees stars landed in search,

in explorations of the pencil, brush, chalk, canvas, charcoal and paper

and investigates new materials in the polychromatic blackness,

in the conversation with the masters of the past and current friends.


Jorge dos Anjos, in his own project, is born every day

a person who expands art in an experimental biology,

and migrates from his natal  baroque ranges, in a mobile faith,

to the metropolitan horizons, in a beauty challenge,

to take his flight into light and shade, into steel and fire.


and he dreams of soapstone and oils, in sheets and wood,

long fabrics, felt, rubber, and color cut flowers,

also in cubes, plans, sections, spaces, folds and openings,

a loose tension between discovery and invention,

in the border of creation and labor, silence and laughter.


in his rhythmic walking time, without the stopping rest,

Jorge follows the artistic saga, in an untiring investment,

the dynamic calendar, away from sweet promises,

passes in a warm day of cranes and levitations,

and proposals, projects, lines, letters and prototypes,

cropped in a subtle geometry, a newborn mathematic.


this cycle of spheres and rings, endless lines and points,

are trips departing from Africa retracing the route

between America and the world, proposing landing risks

in places like Spain, Holland, Belgium and France,

and even in southeast rivers, or southern rebel destiny

in the false peripheral claim of the centralising speech.


in dialogue with the popular wisdom of the spontaneous feeling

the Angel shows other graphic gestures of the Brazilian diction

in a poem that comes, goes, returns, hears, and sees

the weeks and months, the passing year in numbers and hours

leaving only the mineral experience, of the living, of the knowledge …


João Diniz, 2011

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